phpicoder Dec 14, 2021 Jquery

Hi Devloper, Today we will learn how to convert array to json to object using Jquery. In this tutorial we will implement best example to convert array to json object using jquery, which will help you to convert from array to json objec.

It is often difficult to create a Jason object from an array. At that point this tutorial will make it easy for you to create a Jason array from an array, So follow my example. 

Example :
<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>Jquery convert array to json object example -</title>

    var lngArray = [

    var jsonObject = Object.assign({}, lngArray);

output :
{0: "php", 1: "java", 2: "python", 3: "c", 4: "c++"}
0: "php"
1: "java"
2: "python"
3: "c"
4: "c++"

I hope it can help you...