PHP while Loop

July 29, 2020 107 View by phpicoder

Hi guys, In this tutorial we will learn how to use while Loop using PHP. The while loop is used when you wont to the loop to execute and continue executing while the specified condition is true. While the loop is also called the entry control loop, becuse in while loop the first check condition an then executed the code.

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php Loops

August 23, 2020 120 View by phpicoder

Hi guys, in this tutorial we will learn how to writing the same code multiple times using defrant defrant loop. The loops are used to run the same block over and over again until a certain condition is met. The basic idea behind the loop is to automate repetitive tasks within the program to save time and effort. PHP supports different types of four loops. PHP has 4 types of loops. Which is outlined below

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PHP Switch Statement

July 29, 2020 133 View by phpicoder

Hi guys, in this tutorial we will learn PHP Switch Statement. witch cases are control structures that allow you to execute code segments based on the given conditions. This creates dynamic PHP behavior. PHP provides a switch statement that allows you to conditionally execute the code block. The PHP switch statement compares an expression against a variable or many different values and executes a code block based on its same value.

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PHP Constant Variable

August 28, 2020 200 View by phpicoder

Hi guys, in this tutorial we will learn PHP Constant Variable. A constant is a name or identifier for a fixed value. Constant variables are like, once defined, they cannot be obscured or changed. Constants are very useful for storing changing data while the script is running. Common examples of such data include configuration settings such as database username and password, base url, locations etc.....

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