Laravel 7 CRUD Example For Beginners

August 28, 2020 416 View by phpicoder

Hi guys, In this tutorial we will learn Laravel 7 CRUD Full Example For Beginners. CRUD means create read update and delete item for over laravel 7 web applictios. CRUD (create read update and delete) is a most importat part of web applictions, so we will help you to give example of crud operation in laravel 7. In this tutorial, you will learn very basic crud operation with laravel new version 7. so we will following step by step.

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Laravel 7 API Using JWT Authentication

August 29, 2020 1435 View by phpicoder

Hi guys, In this tutorial we will learn how to create a secure API in Laravel using the JSON Web Token (JWT). To secure the User Authentication API in Laravel 7, we will use the third-party jwt-auth library, Timondizins / jwt-auth. JSON Web Token (JWT) is a best secure api authentication, so now we make api step by step.....

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Laravel 5 Razorpay Payment Gateway Integration

September 17, 2020 134 View by phpicoder

Today, in this post I share with you how to use the Integration Razorpay Payment Gateway in the laravel 5 Web Application with easy example. When you want to use payment gateway in countries such as India, this Razorpay payment gateway will be useful becose the Razorpay payment gateway can also be used in Rupees currency, which is not available in another payment gateway such as stripe and paypal......

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